Being A Travel Writer

My favorite thing about being a travel writer is having the license to have guilt-free adventures. I remember when I was still working as an office employee, I used to take 3-day vacations full of worry and dread because going back to work means a lot of stress. Whenever I go back to the office from a vacation, there were 100+ new emails waiting for me.  At that time, I did not feel important at all. I felt overworked and that’s why I left my job for freelance work. Whenever I am out of the country and asked to do detective work at a local pub, I am able to experience each destination to the fullest. Readers can actually sense if a writer is padding a story, using sentences just to prolong the article or using clichés all the time.

In other words, you have to experience the place by yourself if you want to produce a great article. When I was young, I used to submit my essay examples to different magazines and publishers just to get noticed. I am glad that I never got accepted in any of those applications because if I were, I would not be a travel writer now. As a travel writer, you get to find new place and tell stories about them. Your stories must attract the readers to go there themselves. I get out of bed every morning excited for my next assignment. Sometimes, I get to work with college essay examples for clients that are looking for essay guide that can help them in making one. It was actually fun and I love the fact that I’m still learning until now.  I really enjoy this kind of lifestyle and I have no plans of going back to being an office employee again.

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